DIY Speaker Cabinet
DIY Speaker Cabinet
DIY Speaker Cabinet
DIY Speaker Cabinet
DIY Speaker Cabinet
DIY Speaker Cabinet

DIY Speaker Cabinet

Regular price $295.00

The Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported cabinet is the best selling product we’ve ever made; and for good reason! The tone of our Dual Ported cabinet is often compared to a vintage 4×12 speaker cabinet because of its punch and the huge sound it imparts to your tone!

Over the years, our Dual Ported cabinet has gained the reputation of being the best sounding, single speaker cabinet on the market and we are now making this legendary design available to you in a DIY format at less than half the price of our standard production version!

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your tone with one of our Dual Ported cabinets but can’t quite afford it then this is a great deal for you! For $295 plus about two hours of your time, you can build your own Dual Ported speaker cabinet and finish it however you like!


This cabinet is also perfect for players who have to keep their cabinets behind the stage to keep the stage volume down and who don’t really need it to match the rest of their rig! For $295 you’ll get a cabinet that sounds every bit as good as our production tolex’ed version but you’ll get the bragging rights to say you built it yourself!  


“Though the cabinet is relatively small, the focus and width of the sound exceeded that of any 1×12 cab I have used in the past. The bass response was huge and if I closed by eyes I’d never have guessed it was a single 12” cabinet.”

Premier Guitar Magazine
March, 2011.



In short, everything. We supply all of the parts that you will need to complete your own Jackson Ampworks Licensed Dual Ported Cabinet. Precut Plywood pieces, handles, jacks, rubber feet, EVERYTHING! The only thing we do not include is the glue, clamps, and tools you will need for assembly. NOTE: DIY CABINETS DO NOT COME WITH A JACKSON AMPWORKS EMBLEM.


Baltic Birch, which is the same material we make all of our cabinets from. The main body of the cabinet is made from 3/4″ 13-ply Baltic Birch and the speaker baffle is made from 1/2″ Baltic Birch.


  • Hammer
  • Wood Glue
  • Pin Nailer (optional but highly recommended)
  • Screw Gun or Phillips Screwdriver
  • 1/2″ Nut Driver
  • Sanding Pad (ideally a random orbit hand sander)
  • Router with 1/2″ and 1/4″ radius bit. (optional but will give a much more “finished” appearance)

Here is your opportunity to learn how to build your very own guitar speaker cabinet, but not just any speaker cabinet, an authentic Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported Cabinet!

The Dual Ported Cabinet uses internal baffles and porting to direct the sound coming from the back of the speaker toward the front of the cabinet so you don’t lose any of your tone! This is a project that you will be proud of for years to come! So what are you waiting for? Hear ALL of your tone for the very first time after building your very own official Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported 1×12 Cabinet! Get yours today for only $295.95!


As guitarists, we work very hard to achieve great tone and certainly one of the most important aspects of that tone is the speaker cabinet that we use. After all, the speaker cabinet is the final link between your amplifier and your ears, therefore its effect on your tone cannot be understated. This aspect is vital even for profiling amplifiers.

It is with this in mind that we are proud to introduce our new line of patented DIY Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported cabinets which are the best sounding, most revolutionary speaker cabinets ever made for the electric guitar!

The Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported cabinets are a totally unique approach to sound reproduction and the results are staggering!


The Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported Cabinets is a completely new Patent Pending design that features two ports that run vertically along the left and right side of the cabinet and allows the sound waves that come from the back of the speaker to be directed via precise baffles and shelves out the front of the cabinet. Months of research and development went into creating precise dimensions for the ports that ensure that the sound waves coming from the ports are in phase with the sound waves coming from the front of the speaker. These sound waves when aligned with each other work to augment and fatten the tone of the speaker! With our Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported Cabinets, the user gets the “airiness” of an open back cabinet with the presence and low-end of the best closed back cabinet you’ve ever heard!

In addition to the Dual Ported design, we have also engineered an internal diffuser that breaks up and disperses the piercing high end that is often found in closed back designs. This critically tuned diffuser also helps to direct the sound waves out the side ports of the cabinet and create more dispersion of sound with none of the ‘beaming’ found in most closed back cabinets!


Our Dual Ported cabinets are constructed with 13-ply Baltic Birch and feature Dovetail joints for unparalleled strength, rigidity, and tone. Also included is an all steel handle that is recessed into the cabinet for easier carry. See our list of construction details below! Everything you need is provided (some tools will be required).

  • Authentic Jackson Ampworks Cabinet

  • Premium 13-ply Void Free Baltic Birch Plywood

  • Dovetail Corner Joints for strong and Rattle Free Performance

  • Recessed Steel Handles For Easy Stacking and Transport

  • Precise CNC Cutouts For Flawless Assembly

  • Inset Speaker Baffle For Increased Acoustical Vibrations Throughout Cabinet

  • Speaker Jack Dish

  • Rubber Feet

  • Step By Step Guide  


For best results use your favorite wood finish. We use Baltic Birch because of it natural acoustical properties and using a stain allows for the wood to vibrate freely without being hindered by a tightly wrapped fabric or tolex.


Designed to be the perfect complement to your amp, our 1×12 Dual Ported Cabinet is small, lightweight and delivers floor-shaking low end all in a package that is just 22” wide!

The first time you hear our 1×12 Dual Ported cabinet you’ll be amazed at how open the tone is with highs that breathe like a vintage open back cabinet and lows that are smooth and punchy like the best 4×12 cabinet you ever heard! You’ve never heard a 1×12 cabinet that sounds this huge!