Introducing The Belle Starr

Drew Shirley Signature Overdrive

Hear it from the man himself.

"I’m proud to introduce the Belle Starr Professional OD, my signature pedal collaboration with the legendary Jackson Audio.

Named after a most famous female outlaw from way back in my family line, this pedal pushes hard, runs wild but stays calculated, like she did, and in that way, embodies her rock and roll spirit.

This boutique, analog, transparent stage one overdrive pedal is an essential for any players’ arsenal. The Belle Starr has a smooth gain sweep from absolute clean, (at zero you can’t even tell it’s on!) to enough gain and volume to push any amp into saturation. The EQ allows supreme tonal shaping and the breakup has a clean crisp articulation that allows the most important thing, your voice, to come through loud and clear. As my exclusive OD, she has held up on every stage and fits any style.

In all my years of tone collecting I’ve honed in on the core elements of expression; you need an overdrive, and the Belle Starr will let you shine." - Drew Shirley (Switchfoot)