In early 2016, a conversation took place between Brad Jackson and Nigel Hendroff about how to make a company whose purpose and values were just as important as its products. A company whose purpose informed its products, and whose success would ultimately be defined by the success of our artists.

Almost a year later, Jackson Audio is the result of that conversation.

Jackson Audio was founded by Brad Jackson from Jackson Ampworks, Nigel Hendroff from Hillsong Church in Sydney Australia and Juan Kyle from Jackson Ampworks. These 3 men collectively bring together over 40 years of experience in passionate product design and application.

Having assembled a team with an exhaustive knowledge of product design and application, together we are focusing our individual strengths to create inspiring products that serve to elevate the player to greater heights of musical expression.

We started Jackson Audio for the people who view music not as a job….but as a calling, and we’re aligning our talents to help serve those players who feel a deeper sense of purpose than just being a guitar player. If you know deep down, that your music is more than just a gig; it’s a calling….then we want to serve you and bring our passion into focus to help serve yours.

Our passion serving your passion….our calling supporting your calling. We love musicians and we’re building tools that are worthy of the calling that is placed on their lives.

We are Jackson Audio.




With 15 years of industry experience, Brad is responsible for taking ideas from concepts, through the prototype phase and bringing them into production. He also works closely with Nigel on new product development and technologies.

Having established himself as the preeminent guitarist of Hillsong Church, Nigel brings a wealth of experience to bear as he and Brad and work together to sculpt new and exciting products that further the craft of the guitar.


In addition to providing leadership for the manufacturing team, Juan is one of the most loyal and passionate customer advocates in the industry and is gifted at developing strategic solutions to ensure outstanding customer service.