Dual Ported ISO CAB
Dual Ported ISO CAB
Dual Ported ISO CAB
Dual Ported ISO CAB
Dual Ported ISO CAB
Dual Ported ISO CAB

Dual Ported ISO CAB

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The 1×12 Iso Cabinet from Jackson Ampworks is a groundbreaking development for speaker cabinets! Whether used in live applications or in the studio, the Jackson Ampworks Iso Cab allows the guitarist to reduce his/her stage volume by over 30dB and for situations where an iso cabinet is not needed, remove the lid and enjoy the uncompromising tone of our Dual Ported 1×12 Cabinet!

Iso Cab History.

For years guitarists, especially church musicians, who want to have great cranked guitar amp tone on stage have had two options. 1) Either mic your speaker cabinet behind the stage or 2) Use an iso cabinet. The problem is that until now the available iso cabinets have been nothing more than a speaker in a sealed box with fiberglass insulation to damped the sound pressure levels. All that changes with the introduction of the Jackson Ampworks Iso Cab!

Dual Ported Tone In An Iso Format.

If there is one overwhelming complaint against previous iso cabinet designs is that they sound small and boxy compared to a cabinet that is being played into the open air. The Jackson Ampworks Iso Cab solves this problem by utilizing our Dual Ported Cabinet design which allows all of the sound coming off the back of the speaker to be directed forward through the ports located along the left and right side of the cabinet. All of these sound waves, which are normally lost in a typical isolation cabinet design, are brought forward where the microphones are able to pick them up! Note: Precisely selected acoustic padding has been used to line the back wall of the removable lid so phase cancellations will not degrade your tone and cause unwanted overtones. With a Jackson Ampworks Iso Cab, you get ALL of your tone at conversation volumes!

Removable Lid.

One of the greatest downfalls of previous isolation cabinets is that all they can be is an isolation cabinet. With the Jackson Ampworks Iso Cab we have made the lid removable using two butterfly latches so if you don’t need the isolation feature of the cabinet, you don’t have to have it! The Jackson Ampworks Iso Cab is really a two-in-one cabinet! Used as an isolation cabinet the Iso Cab is very effective at reducing external volume and with the lid detached, the Iso Cab becomes a standard Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported Cabinet!

Dish Plate I/O.

All of the inputs and outputs of the Jackson Ampworks Iso Cab are located on one convenient dish. On this dish are located a Speaker IN and THRU as well as two XLR Jacks that correspond to the two microphones that are already prewired inside the cabinet. (no microphones are included)

Pre-Wired for Dual Microphones.

The Jackson Ampworks Iso Cab comes prewired for two microphones and even includes mic clips for SM57 size microphones! The Microphone clips are mounted on 6″ goosenecks so your microphones are easy to position anywhere along the speaker! Another advantage to this is if you don’t need the iso feature of the cabinet and want to use the Iso Cab as a standalone extension cabinet, your microphones are still in place and ready to capture your tone!

Speaker In and Out!

Another common sense feature of the Jackson Ampworks Iso Cab that is often overlooked in other isolation cabinet designs is a Speaker IN and THRU Jack. Both speaker jacks are wired in parallel with each other so either one can function as an IN or THRU. The advantage of having a THRU Jack is that you can mic up the Iso Cab and still run another cabinet elsewhere!

Lay Down or Standup.

We have included rubber mounting feet on the bottom of the Iso Cab as well as the back of the Iso Cab. This allows the user to fire the speaker in a horizontal direction (optimal) or in a vertical direction should floor space be limited.

Perfect Studio Tool!

The Jackson Ampworks Iso Cab is not just for live applications! Countless studios (both home and professional) use iso rooms or trunks to contain the volume when tracking guitar parts and with the Jackson Ampworks Iso Cab these outdated methods have just become a thing of the past! Using the Iso Cab, you can track guitar amplifiers as loud as you want without disturbing the neighbors or the person in the next room!